Gymnastics Federation of Fiji


The Gymnastics Federation of Fiji (GFF) is the official governing body for Gymnastics in Republic of Fiji Islands.


The first gymnastics club in Fiji was established in 2011 by British coach Robert Yeal.  Rob was brought up and schooled in Fiji before spending most of his adult life in Great Britain.  He returned to Fiji in 2011 bringing with him landing mats, springboards, beams, parallel bars and a wooden box.  Rob now runs two clubs at the International School and United Club in Suva.

In the lead up to the launch of the Oceania Gymnastics Development Plan, Gymnastics Australia brought Rob to Australia to undertake Presenter and Assessor training in 2014 with a vision to share his coaching knowledge with others in Fiji and thus grow the sport.

Since then, Gymnastics Australia have conducted various development visits to Fiji and there are now clubs spread from Suva to Nadi.  A national competition has been held annually since 2015 and dozens of coaches and judges have been trained.  

With support from Gymnastics Australia, The Gymnastics Federation of Fiji was established in 2015 and admitted as a full member of the International Gymnastics Federation in October 2016.  GFF is also a member of the Fiji National Sports Commission and Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee.  In July 2018 GFF will host the International Gymnastics Federation Presidential and Executive Committee meetings in Pacific Harbour.  This event will enable GFF to showcase the abilities and achievements of one of the FIG's newest federations to over 30 representatives from around the world.