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FIG Foundations of Gymnastics Academy 2024 Kicks Off with a Warm Welcome

Gymnastics enthusiasts from around the globe gathered on May 9th 2024 to kick-start the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) Foundations of Gymnastics Academy 2024 with a vibrant welcome ceremony.

The spotlight of the evening shone on the FIG experts in attendance. Among them were Rogério Valério, the FIG Gymnastics for All Elected President of the Committee and Executive Committee of FIG; Petrina Hutchinson, Director of Spaghetti Circus in regional Australia and a current member of the FIG GfA (Gymnastics for All) Committee; and Anthony Dorrington, a current member of the Gymnastics Australia GfA commission.

The evening began with a fantastic performance by Jemesa Nauvi, the youngest member of the Fiji Aerobic Gymnastics Development Squad and recipient of the Excellence Award at the Australian National Clubs Carnival. His display of talent and skill set the perfect tone for the evening's celebrations.

Following the performance, the FIG experts were formally welcomed and introduced, marking the beginning of a series of engaging activities. Island Acrobatics, a renowned Fiji gymnastics club, added a touch of tradition by garlanding the chief guests, symbolising a warm traditional Fijian welcome to the visitors.

Maria, representing the host National Federation GFF (Gymnastics Federation of Fiji), delivered a moving speech, expressing her delight at hosting the FIG and the OGU for this momentous event. Her words resonated with the audience as she called for unity and inclusivity in shaping the future of gymnastics.

A highlight of the ceremony was the traditional kava ceremony, known as 'sevusevu,' led by the GFF. This cultural ritual served as a gesture of hospitality, with all FIG experts joining in to partake in the customary drink, fostering bonds of friendship and solidarity.

Rogério Valério took the stage to deliver an inspiring speech, acknowledging the host country and the union while encouraging participants to carry forward the spirit of the academy and spread the love for gymnastics in their respective communities.

The evening concluded on a high note with another fantastic performance, this time by Robyn Santos, a talented athlete and the first national scholar for gymnastics in Fiji. Her inspiring display left the audience in awe, setting the stage for the official opening of the Academy.

Rogério Valério then presented a token of appreciation to the host federation and the host club, officially inaugurating the FIG Foundations of Gymnastics Academy 2024. As the ceremony came to a close, participants, guests, and experts mingled and shared in the camaraderie over bowls of kava, signaling the beginning of a journey filled with learning, collaboration, and celebration.


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